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Cozy hearth cracker course [with 120 minutes all-you-can-drink]

Cozy hearth cracker course [with 120 minutes all-you-can-drink]

By using a coupon6000 yen

  • 10items
  • 3-50persons
All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink for 120 minutes (last order 15 minutes ago) ※ Group customers will be closed automatically.

Reservation deadline
Until 23 o'clock the day before the store visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

[All-you-can-drink with 120 minutes] This plan is the most popular all-you-can-eat shop of all year round [Cooker course] seasonal vegetables, a variety of fish from Hokkaido beef.Please use the manager who is troubled by the course.

Course menu

【Course limited】 120 minutes with all you can drink

[First-aid] Obihiro new potatoes-including clear butter-boiled-

【Sashimi】 Nemuro salted sea urchin and seaweed seaweed

【Sashimi】 Assorted Wakauchi oversized button shrimp sashimi and assorted haired crabs at the beach

[Fresh items] Okhotsk-grown natural hokke-sprouts and jujubes

【Tempura】 Tempura from Torano and Tokachi mushroom tempura from Furano

[Steak] Tokachi Aya beef beef marbled shoulder loin lemon steak

【Boiled rice】 Wasabi rice with salmon

【Sherbet】 Summer sun sorbet

[We have prepared upgrade plans for +500 yen for entertaining and non-stop drinking events]

Part 1. Enjoy all-you-can-drink luxury! Plus plan for all-you-can-drink with lemon sour that is popular and popular with 8 kinds of Hokkaido sake

Part 2. Change the dish to 〆Konisei Seiki 丼 プ ラ ン! For a party that you want to heat up the closing ◎

Please ask the staff at the time of booking for details.

All-you-can-drink menu

・ Kirin Heartland (Tarusei) / Shandigafu / Panache (Beer + Lemon)
・ Shochu (※ Please choose from lock · soda · water split · hot water split)
・ 【芋】 Satsuma Island beauty / [wheat] Mud turtle / [Shiso] forged high heel
· Cold Sake / Hot Pot
・ Umeshu (Please choose from ※ lock · soda · water split · hot water split)
・ Grandma's plum wine / green tea plum wine / honey plum plum wine
・ Wine & Wine Cocktail & Cocktail
・ White wine / Red wine / Kitty / Keel / Cardinal / Operator / Fuzzy navel / Cassis orange / Kunyan / Cassis soda / Square scoulle / Cassis oolong / Calpis sour / Oolong high / Lemon sour / Lime sour
・ Fruit wine (Please choose from ※ lock · soda · water split · hot water split)
・ Yataharasu Mikan / Tomo / Yuzu
・ Highball / ginger highball / plum highball / cola highball
·Soft drink
・ Oolong tea / cola / ginger ale / pine juice / calpis / orange juice / grapefruit juice
・ ★ Hokkaido local sake
-Shintotsukawa gold drops / Asahikawa Kokushi Muso / Sapporo Chitose crane Namara super dry / Nemuro Kita's win / Otaru Kita's ladle palace / Yubari Kita's Sakai Kita roman / Mashou country rare demon roll / Kushiro Fukushi

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