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The best luxury course for farewell party and welcome party 【With all you can drink for 120 minutes】

The best luxury course for farewell party and welcome party 【With all you can drink for 120 minutes】

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  • 10items
  • 3-50persons
All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink for 120 minutes (last order 15 minutes ago) ※ Group customers will be closed automatically.

Reservation deadline
Until 23 o'clock the day before the store visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

[With all-you-can-drink 120 minutes] Dokoko course that answers all the delicious needs of Hokkaido's delicious ingredients.Please choose this course if you want to behave well in Hokkaido, such as when a friend from Hokkaido comes, as well as entertaining.

Course menu

[New Year's party limited] 120 minutes with all you can drink

【Appetizer】 Stir-sew of Shiraoi beef with no sauce of additive-free clam and egg yolk

I will have a roaring marbled meat on the tabletop.Eat the minced meat in a bite with a thick source of sea urchin and egg yolk

Start your feast with a blissful bite !!!

【Sashimi】 North shellfish sashimi five kinds Assorted

Assorted oysters of Akkeshi, Akatsuki's shellfish, Tomakomai's sea bream, Eruption Bay scallops, and Hokkaido's steamed salmon assorted.Hokkaido shellfish with this plate

You can taste it all.

[Aoi] whole breasts of Michi dong produce whole hair crab [1/4 cup]

The taste is the highest grade, but it is a delicate crab which is hard to be peeled.

【Rice】 Grilled salty butter of Torokachi rogoro baron

The combination of salted fish and butter with baked sweet potato is the way it is produced! We will make it with sweet enough sweet potato.

【Fried】 Hokkaido-made tempura

The dishes are carefully cooked with only grains carefully removed from the core and not contaminated with tempura.Served with homemade soy butter and salt


【Steaming】 Large-grained clam from Akkeshi and steamed oysters from Kushiro from Kinki

【Carbon-fired】 Charcoal-fired from Obihiro 180-day grazing hog

Main dish that can enjoy the taste of the finished material after adding low-temperature cooking of deep-flavored pork and flavoring the surface with charcoal

【〆】 Oborozu rice with pickled rice ~ salmon roe pickled with soy sauce ~

[Dishes] Miso soup of seaweed

The last one is kidnapping.It is a soup that you can enjoy the smell of salmon.

[Sweet] cherry ice

The salmon is fresh

[We have prepared upgrade plans for +500 yen for entertaining and non-stop drinking events]

Part 1. Enjoy all-you-can-drink luxury! Plus plan for all-you-can-drink with lemon sour that is popular and popular with 8 kinds of Hokkaido sake

The plan to change the 2 居心 地 dishes to 居心 地 ぽ ぽ!! 宴会 宴会 banquets that want to put up the closing of the year together

Please ask the staff at the time of booking for details.

All-you-can-drink menu

・ Kirin Heartland (Tarusei) / Shandigafu / Panache (Beer + Lemon)
・ Shochu (※ Please choose from lock · soda · water split · hot water split)
・ 【芋】 Satsuma Island beauty / [wheat] Mud turtle / [Shiso] forged high heel
· Cold Sake / Hot Pot
・ Umeshu (Please choose from ※ lock · soda · water split · hot water split)
・ Grandma's plum wine / green tea plum wine / honey plum plum wine
・ Wine & Wine Cocktail & Cocktail
・ White wine / Red wine / Kitty / Keel / Cardinal / Operator / Fuzzy navel / Cassis orange / Kunyan / Cassis soda / Square scoulle / Cassis oolong / Calpis sour / Oolong high / Lemon sour / Lime sour
・ Fruit wine (Please choose from ※ lock · soda · water split · hot water split)
・ Yataharasu Mikan / Tomo / Yuzu
・ Highball / ginger highball / plum highball / cola highball
·Soft drink
・ Oolong tea / cola / ginger ale / pine juice / calpis / orange juice / grapefruit juice
・ ★ Hokkaido local sake
-Shintotsukawa gold drops / Asahikawa Kokushi Muso / Sapporo Chitose crane Namara super dry / Nemuro Kita's win / Otaru Kita's ladle palace / Yubari Kita's Sakai Kita roman / Mashou country rare demon roll / Kushiro Fukushi

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